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Online News Screensaver

Online News Screensaver (RSS screensaver, weather forecast, stock quotes)
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Online News Screensaver is a unique and informative screensaver tool that delivers the latest news and weather forecast right to the screen of your computer. If you have a direct Internet access, this RSS screensaver will keep bringing you the news reports continuously.
  • Hot news from top internet sites in real-time;
  • NEW! Photos in news annotation;
  • Real-time stock quotes;
  • Weather information with a five day forecast updated twice per day;
  • RSS, RDF, ATOM and free-formatted text (RegExp) supported as a news sources;
  • Picture slide show on the background;
  • Different visual effects, such as flowing and fadeout;
  • Full customization, you decide what kind of information you want to receive;
  • English, German, Italian and Russian user interface.
Don't wait for the news - get Online News Screensaver and the news will be delivered right to your computer screen!

Minimum system requirements:
400 MHz, RAM 32 Mb, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP, direct Internet connection.

You can download and try Online News Screensaver for free. However if you wish to keep it after trial period and remove any messages you should register it.

Download Online Help for Online News Screensaver Order Now
(4.0 Mb)

What news you can get with the Online News Screensaver?

There are 300 channels to choose from. All news are sorted on the following categories:

  • Top News (21 channels);
  • Regional (28 channels):
    Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, Pacific;
  • Entertainment (67 channels):
    Auto, Books, Celebrities, Games, Humor, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Radio, Television, Travel, Fashion;
  • Health (6 channel);
  • Technology (49 channels):
    Computers, Computer Graphics, Internet, Press & Magazines, Software, Wireless, Robotics;
  • Business (27 channels):
    Analists, Companies, Finance, Investments, Marketing, E-Commerce;
  • Science (11 channel) Genetics, History, Nature, Space;
  • Sport (29 channels):
    Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Motor Sports, Winter Sports, Other Sports;
  • Industries (36 channels):
    Agriculture, Automotive, Aviation, Biotech, Chemicals, Energy, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Health, High Tech, Hospitality, IT, Metals, Oil, Press & Media, Retail, Services, Tourism, Transport, Telecom, Trade;
  • Society (26 channels):
    Culture, Education, Law, Librarians, Politics, Security, Religion, Immigration.
Of course, you can add any other newsfeed you want.


Awards and Reviews:
Mike Y., chief IT manager - Online News Screensaver review
Being the chief IT manager of the large engineering company, I should always stay up on the latest news in my realm. That's why I'm using Online News Screensaver for a couple of months now to read the ground-breaking news on the software security and some other fields. I consider it to be the most convenient way to learn about things, you're interested in. You no longer should waste your time on reading all those countless web sites and news reports! A brief glance at your computer screen during the lunch is quite enough.

RSS Screensaver with weather forecast and stock quotes on plasma screen (Online News Screensaver) Not long ago the large screen has been mounted in our main hall. The current production line status as well as some service information is displayed here. I got an idea to use Online News Screensaver to show the latest news here. But as there we've got the intranet with more than 500 computers attached, I decided that it would be reasonable to enable every worker to view all the news directly on his computer screen.

So I've contacted the technical support to find out whether it is possible to use Online News Screensaver in the intranet without Internet access available. To my surprise, the detailed instructions on setting up our own RSS news channel have been mailed to me this very day. I can responsibly say - they're not sleeping there.

Since then all the workers of our company have the permanent access to the internal news and announcements and never miss any important events. Especially they contented that they don't have to spend their working hours on reading all this stuff any longer. Now they learn it while having a coffee break and looking at their favorite images on the background. I suppose it to be extremely good for the discipline as well as for the labor productivity.

As for the price of such number of copies - it would hardly strike your budget. The site license had cost us only about $400. The profit from its introduction surely covers this many times.

Binary Things
We have been using this screensaver at Binary Things for quite a while by now and are very happy about it. Lunch breaks have become a lot more informative, everyone gets the information he or she (you know girls :) wants delivered right to their desktop. The cool thing is that you can fine-tune the viewer to serve your particular interests - sports, weather, finance... you name it! And it looks gorgeous, too! We bought the Site License and never had a second's regret at it.
Online News Screensaver is a web enabled screensaver tool that delivers the latest news, while displaying your favorite image as background. You can select from various categories of news coverage (also WebAttack latest software) and it will bring you the latest headlines whenever the screensaver is running. You can choose to use your own background images (rotates through a specified folder) or just use a plain background. Pressing the F5 button on your keyboard will launch your browser with details on the current headline.
The closest thing to an intravenous jolt for all you news junkies!
The Online News Screensaver delivers RSS updates in transparent windows over a screensaver!
Now this is for those hardcore aggregator readers out there. The Online News Screensaver!! Free for a trial period (not sure for how long), but neat nonetheless (only $15 after the trial period). It's totally customizable too, so now my Feedpapers feed appears when my desktop is idle. Very Very cool!!!

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