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Online Help for Chaotic Chance Manager

Chaotic Chance Screensaver isn't really a screen saver, this is screen saver manager. Chaotic Chance will useful for you if you have two or more screen savers installed on your system.

Chaotic Chance Configuration

After install of the Chaotic Chance Manager you will find new shortcut on your Desktop - Chaotic Chance Configuration. By clicking on this shortcut the configuration dialog will open.

Chaotic Chance Screensaver Manager Configuration Dialog

(1) Available screensavers list. Lists the available screen savers. Check all screen savers that you want to starts automatically if your computer is idle for a specified amount of time. Checked screen savers will run randomly or cyclically (this depends from settings under Changing options tab).

(2) Displays how a screen saver will look on your screen (or display a logo). To preview a screen saver, click its name in Available screensavers list.

(3) Settings button. Click this button to change settings for the selected screen saver.

(4) Preview button. Click this button to preview the selected screensaver on a full screen. Move your mouse or press any key to end the test.

(5) Time Interval spin edit. Specifies how much idle time must eplace before a screen saver is displayed.

(6) Password protect. Specifies whether the logon window is displayed when you resume using the computer after the screen saver has started running. If logging on requires a password, you will have to type the password when you resume work. Under Windows 9x/Me you will nedd to setup password forst by pressing on the Password button.

(7) Power button. Click this button to open the Power Options Properties dialog box that allows you to adjust the power settings for your monitor.

Chaotic Chance Screensaver Manager Configuration Dialog

(8) Period for changing a screen savers. Select "Every new start" radio-button if you want that each time the new screen saver should be launched. Select "Every one day" radio-button if you like to change a screen saver once per day.

(9) Changing style. If you select "Random screensaver" radio-button then new screen saver will be selected randomly. If you select "Cycle all screensavers", then new screen saver will be selected in turn from the list.

Chaotic Chance Screensaver Manager Configuration Dialog

(10) Multimonitor black screen function. If you have more than one screen monitor on your computer then know that a lot of screen savers launches on primary screen only, but another screens stay to burn. If you select this check box, then Chaotic Chance will turn to black all not primary screen monitors (if any other is not supported by launched screen saver).

(11) Hide standard Screen Saver tab. Check this option and press the OK button below to hide standard Screen Saver tab from Display Properties dialog.

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